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The Anilix Advantage

More Focus Leads to Bigger Savings

Unlike other Telecom Expense Management (TEM) companies, Anilix is dedicated solely to reducing your telecom costs through comprehensive audits and contract negotiations. We don't get distracted trying to sell you other software or services.


Most TEM providers make their profits by:

  • Providing provisioning and help desk services

  • Charging expensive software licensing/integration fees

  • Offering extensive reporting dashboards and data warehouses


The focus becomes maintaining their software and services environment versus maximizing your telecom savings.


At Anilix, we have one goal: save you money on telecom. Our experts dig deep to identify every savings opportunity. We don't require long-term contracts or charge based on the number of services we manage. Our incentives are 100% aligned with yours – we only get paid from the savings we achieve. By specializing in telecom audit and contract negotiation, Anilix identifies more savings and avoids markups you'd pay with other TEMs. We put that money back into your pocket. Get the most rigorous telecom expense reduction focused solely on results. Contact the telecom audit specialists at Anilix today.

Lean and Secure: Fewer IT Security Risks

At Anilix, we utilize a lean infrastructure with no software installations or integration into your systems. This provides the most secure IT environment for our telecom auditing services.

Many Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers introduce IT security risks by:

  • Installing software agents on your systems

  • Integrating with your network and applications

  • Providing web portals that access your telecom data

This requires extensive access and permissions, increasing your company's cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Our approach is different. Anilix's telecom audits are 100% self-contained requiring no new software, no access to your systems, and no web-based portals into your telecom data. We simply utilize your existing monthly invoices, contracts, and telecom project documentation, as well as access to your vendors’ web and billing portals, to perform our proprietary auditing process. The results are maximum telecom savings achieved safely and securely, without any additional IT security risks for your organization. Reduce telecom waste without compromising your infrastructure. Anilix's secure, lean auditing approach lets you cut costs while protecting your IT environment. Contact us today to discuss your telecom expense reduction needs. Our experts are ready to help you save safely.

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Navigating Challenges

Unmatched Expertise Drives Maximum Savings

The telecom auditors at Anilix have decades of combined experience that enables us to maximize cost savings for your organization. Our team consists primarily of finance, IT, and operations executives with advanced degrees from top universities. Most have over 15 years of experience leading telecom, technology, and business optimization initiatives. This senior-level expertise allows us to conduct the most rigorous telecom audits and identify savings that other firms would miss. Our experts provide:

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Deep financial analysis to optimize telecom budgets and expenditures


Technical knowledge to evaluate services and infrastructure

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Vendor negotiation skills to achieve lowest rates

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Business acumen to optimize telecom to support operations

With Anilix, you get C-level audit talent focused on reducing your telecom costs. We have walked in your shoes leading complex organizations, managing budgets, and delivering strategic projects. Don't leave telecom savings on the table due to junior auditors. Leverage our executive-caliber expertise to maximize the impact of your audit. Contact Anilix today to get advanced telecom audits from the top talent in the industry.

Accelerated Results: Savings Fast

At Anilix, our experienced experts and streamlined approach mean we can start generating significant telecom savings for your business quickly.

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With no software to install or integrate into your systems, we can kick-off projects and conduct audits right away. Our senior auditors waste no time in analyzing invoices, contracts, and services to identify savings.

For example, a recent professional services client chose Anilix for a telecom expense reduction audit. Within 3 months of signing our contract, we successfully identified and implemented a plan that resulted in immediate savings of between $15,000 and $20,000 in monthly costs - achieved rapidly thanks to our accelerated process.

Whether your business is small, mid-sized or a large enterprise, Anilix can start driving savings fast:

  • No waiting for software implementations

  • Direct access to senior audit experts

  • Proven process for quick telecom cost reduction

Need fast results from your telecom audit? Choose Anilix and see significant savings in months, not years. Contact us to get started on reducing your telecom waste. Anilix delivers rapid ROI.

No Fixed or Upfront Fees

At Anilix, our goal is to provide the most value possible to our customers. That's why we only charge fees based on the savings we generate, rather than upfront or monthly fees regardless of results. This aligns our incentives directly with our customers' interests.


Many expense management companies charge high upfront fees before doing any work, and recurring monthly fees regardless of whether they save customers money or not. This leaves customers bearing all the risk. If the vendor doesn't deliver results, the customer has still paid substantial amounts with nothing to show for it.

Our model is different. We only make money when you save money. There are no upfront costs or monthly fees. Instead, we charge a percentage of the savings we achieve for you. This means we only get paid if we provide concrete, measurable value. We have skin in the game and are fully invested in maximizing cost reductions for you.

We are so confident that our technology and expense experts can optimize your spending that we will work at risk, only getting compensated based on the bottom-line impact we drive. Our interests are 100% aligned with yours.

Contact us to get started. Really, it won’t cost you anything!

Hear from happy clients.

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