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Telecom Services Audited

Mobile Telecom Costs

At Anilix, we specialize in reducing mobile telecom expenses for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts thoroughly analyzes your organization's mobile usage, contracts, and billing to find ways to optimize your spend.

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We Fix Billing Errors

Mistakes in mobile billing are common, leading to overpayments. We audit invoices to identify and correct billing errors.


We Optimize Rate Plans

There are always new plan options available as the mobile market evolves. We evaluate your data, talk, text, and feature needs to right-size plans and bundles.


We Reduce International Costs

For companies with international travel, outbound calling, and roaming, we pinpoint ways to reduce these expenses through better rate plans.


We Address Underutilized Devices

We identify unused mobile lines, suspend or cancel service, and reallocate devices where needed to eliminate waste.


We Find Savings Others Do Not

Already have Tangoe, Brightfin, or another TEM? So do most of our clients. These companies may do a great job of provisioning and user support, but are not so good at generating cost savings. The Anilix team has consistently found 30% to 50% additional savings for clients already working with another TEM.

The telecom landscape changes frequently. Let us handle the complexity so you can focus on your business. Contact Anilix today to start reducing your mobile telecom costs.

Data Circuit Costs

At Anilix, we specialize in reducing data network expenses for businesses of all sizes. Our experts review your organization's data circuits, including Dedicated Internet Access, Point-to-Point, SD-WAN, MPLS, broadband, and more.

We Reduce Circuit Contract Rates

Generally, most circuits are priced above current market rates because, as data rates have decreased, circuit contracts have not been updated. Anilix creates a contract-management strategy and calendar to get you the best rates, with your existing carrier or with a new carrier if strategically and financially appropriate. Sometimes even in cases when your contracts have yet to expire.


We Validate Circuit Needs

We confirm which circuits are in use and which circuits are backups, thus avoiding paying for unused services.


We Assess Backup Needs

We evaluate backup circuit requirements to ensure you have redundancies where truly needed.


We Fix Billing Errors

Incorrect data circuit billing, while less common, does occur. We audit invoices to identify and correct overcharges.


With frequent data circuit rate decreases, let us simplify telecom management so you stay focused on your business. Contact Anilix today to start reducing your data network costs.

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Navigating Challenges

Voice Service Costs

At Anilix, we specialize in reducing expenses for business voice and phone services. Whether you use a cloud-based PBX, SIP trunking, voice-enabled Microsoft Teams, or classic POTS lines, we can reduce your costs.

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We Fix Billing Errors

Incorrect billing for phone services is common and can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We audit invoices to identify and correct overcharges going forward and to get large credits for months or years of prior errors.

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We Right-Size Your Services & Rates

We evaluate usage to ensure you have the right number of seats, lines, buckets of minutes, and type and amount of transport for your needs at the best available rates.


We Remove Unused Features

Many providers tack on extra fees for unused features, particularly for businesses with in-house call center operations. We identify and eliminate those not needed.


We Optimize Call Routing

For outbound calling (where appropriate), we implement least-cost routing to reduce domestic and international call spend.

Other Service Costs

  • Collaboration Software/Tools

  • Satellite Phones

  • Video and voice conferencing

  • POTS Lines for Alarm and Elevators

  • Fax Services

Ready to get started?

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