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Audit Types

Recover Lost Funds: Get Telecom Billing Errors Corrected and Credits You're Owed with Anilix

At Anilix, we make it a priority to identify and correct telecom billing errors so you can recover credits you deserve. Our billing audit experts thoroughly examine invoices across all your services.

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We Find Hidden Errors

We uncover billing mistakes that often go undetected, including incorrect rates, double-billing, failure to apply promotions, and more.


We Secure Owed Credits

When we discover errors that caused an overpayment, we tenaciously pursue credits on your behalf through claims and escalations.


We Have Secured Six- and Seven-Figure Credits

Thanks to our diligent audits and persistent follow-up, we have recovered credits totaling well into the six and seven figures for some customers.


We Fix the Billing

Just as importantly, we ensure your billing is corrected going forward so errors don't recur month after month.


Don’t lose out on credits owed to you. Anilix identifies mistakes and pursues every dollar you have overpaid, often totaling substantial sums. Contact us today to start recouping your hard-earned funds.

Navigating Challenges

Reduce Telecom Expenses with
Our Rate Reduction Audit

Your business is spending more than necessary on telecom services. Our Rate Reduction Audit can help you cut costs and optimize your telecom budget. At Anilix, we conduct a thorough analysis of your data, voice, and wireless services to identify opportunities to reduce your rates and monthly telecom expenses. Our audit includes:


Data Service Review

We analyze your data circuits, including internet, MPLS, and private line services. We look for lower cost alternatives, redundant services, and optimization opportunities. Our experts negotiate with providers to get you the best rates.


Voice Service Audit

We review your PBX, hosted VoIP, SIP trunking, and POTS services. We identify cost-saving bundles, optimize calling plans, and reduce per-minute charges.


Mobile Service Audit

We examine your mobile plans, devices, and usage. We ensure you have the right mix of voice, data, and features for your needs. Our experts find savings on monthly service plans, roaming charges, and device costs.

The Rate Reduction Audit provides detailed reporting on cost-savings opportunities and an implementation roadmap. We project future telecom savings and, if desired, work alongside your team during carrier negotiations.

Reduce your telecom waste and reinvest savings into growing your business. Let the experts at Anilix conduct a comprehensive Rate Reduction Audit for your organization. Contact us today to get started.

Eliminate Waste with Our
Telecom Services Audit

Your organization is most likely paying for telecom services that are no longer needed. Our Telecom Services Audit identifies unused and underutilized services so you can cancel or optimize them. At Anilix, our experts thoroughly analyze your telecom environment to uncover services that are draining your budget unnecessarily. Our audit includes:


Circuit Audit

We evaluate all your data circuits to identify redundant, outdated, and low-traffic circuits to remove or resize.


Voice Services Audit

We examine your voice services system to identify and eliminate seats, lines, features, and more.


Mobile Audit

We review mobile devices to identify opportunities to remove unused items.


Other Services

We analyze telecom expenses like conference services, POTS lines, and more to remove waste.

Our Telecom Services Audit provides a prioritized list of services to remove with projected cost savings.

Stop paying for telecom services you don't need. Let Anilix conduct a Telecom Services Audit to identify and eliminate waste across your voice, data, and wireless environments. Contact us to discuss your telecom expense reduction needs.

Ready to get started?

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